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Join Us for an Exclusive Franchising Webinar with Ole Spanish for Everyone: Empower Your Entrepreneurial Journey

We were thrilled by the overwhelming response to our Franchising Webinar this morning! It was fantastic to connect with numerous prospective franchisees and delve into the exciting franchising opportunities available. In today's dynamic business landscape, more and more individuals are seeking avenues to start their own ventures, embracing independence, flexibility, and freedom.

Due to the high demand and numerous requests to participate, Ole Spanish is excited to announce that we'll be hosting a second date for our exclusive webinar on April 24th. This additional session aims to further empower and inspire the franchising community.

Ole Franchising Webinar
Ole Franchising Webinar


Webinar Overview: Our webinars offer an immersive 90-minute experience, expertly moderated by Ole Spanish CEO and host, MC Torres Giron.

The agenda includes:

·       A dynamic introduction

·       A 10-minute overview of the growth of the franchising industry in the UK

·       A 40-minute discussion on Ole Franchising and its potential for you

·       Insights from Ole Spanish franchisees at different stages of their journey

·       Dedicated time (15-20 minutes) for answering audience questions

Our focus is to provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of franchising dynamics, blending insights from the CEO as a prominent franchisor and accomplished franchisees.

Featured Moderator: Our webinar series is proudly moderated by Maria C Torres Giron, an experienced host in the franchise marketing world. With a rich background in franchise marketing, author of books such as ‘The only way is Olé’, Spanish children’s bilingual story books and bespoke curriculum material for Ole Spanish, Ms Torres Giron brings a wealth of industry expertise to the discussion, ensuring a dynamic and insightful session for all attendees.

Participation Guide: To reserve your spot, visit our website or our social media channels to locate the webinar link and complete the registration form with your details. Please note, there is a £10 admission fee to secure your spot. This measure is in place to prevent reservations from individuals who may not be genuinely interested, ensuring that spaces are allocated to committed participants.

Upon purchasing your admission ticket, you'll gain access to the webinar session, along with an exclusive opportunity to schedule a personal one-on-one discussion with the company's founder. Additionally, this admission fee will also be credited towards the franchise acquisition fee for those who choose to move forward with the franchise opportunity.


This webinar isn't just an event; it's a unique opportunity to stay at the forefront of industry trends, connect with active franchisees for a real insight into franchising, and elevate your franchise strategies. Join us in shaping the future of franchising – reserve your spot today!

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