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      2024 DATES

  • 25th July -1st August 2024 - Children & Teenagers day trip 

  • 27th -31st May - Adults 5 day trip to Spain

We Offer Something Unique 

At Ole Spanish, we take pride in providing students with an enriching opportunity to develop and enhance their Spanish communication skills. Our immersive approach brings Spanish classes to life through a week filled with enjoyable activities, team-building exercises, and real-life scenarios where they can apply their Spanish-speaking abilities

Ole Spanish Summer Camp

About our children's Campemento

Experience the enriching blend of language and culture at our annual Spanish language immersion camps to Spain, tailor-made for children aged 9 to 17. These camps not only foster language proficiency but also boost your child's confidence in conversing in Spanish. Our programs offer a diverse range of activities, including rock climbing, kayaking, archery, team sports, drama (performances), and arts and crafts, making it a fantastic opportunity for your child to get really the most out of their learning journey whilst making friends and lasting memories. 

Group of Friends Going on Excursion

Our Package Includes 

Our all-inclusive package takes care of every detail for your child to enjoy an enriching experience. It starts with convenient transfers from our head office to the London airport. Once in Spain, students will enjoy seamless transfers, ensuring a hassle-free journey. Your child will have the chance to indulge in delectable meals throughout their stay, accompanied by daily activities and outdoor adventures, as well as enjoying evening entertainment with the children of the camp. What sets us apart is our daily interactive Spanish lessons , expertly conducted by our dedicated tutors from Ole Spanish, providing an immersive and educational touch to your child’s experience.

Adult Immersion Language Trips: Tailored Experiences for Our Adult Students

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Empower Your Inner Adventurer with Olé

Our adult immersion trips offer an exciting chance for students to immerse themselves in the vibrant culture of Spain while honing their language skills.


Each day, daily lessons seamlessly intertwine with real-life scenarios, so whether your ordering food at local restaurants, interacting with tour guides during excursions or just conversing with locals, you will find yourself learning and developing your language skills beyond the traditional learning boundaries. This five-day adventure provides the perfect opportunity for students to practice their Spanish language skills in an authentic and interactive learning environment whilst tapping into their adventurous spirit and exploring new experiences.

-"I had an amazing time on Olé's Spanish immersion trip! Being able to use my Spanish skills in real-life situations really boosted my confidence! Great food, great company, live Spanish lessons... Fantástico!" - Olé Spanish student 


Wood Bridge Walking

"My 3 kids and myself have been studying Spanish with Ole Spanish for over 7 years. The lessons provided by Ole Spanish are interactive, fun and adapted to the students' needs and interests. My kids knowledge of the language has considerably improved in the last few years. This year, my oldest son has also attended a Spanish camp in Spain and he absolutely loved it. I would recommend the Ole Spanish to students of all ages. Ole Spanish's teachers are amazing!"

Katarina Homindova

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