Ole Spanish for Children

Standard Program |1 lesson per week
(approximately 12 weeks)

Our methodology is focused on understanding and speaking rather than a more
formal academic approach as we believe this is how we all learn to speak our
mother-tongue language.

When the children enter the room, the teacher will greet them as if they were arriving
somewhere in Spain and will encourage them to respond in the language. They will
learn useful vocabulary and phrases which they will build on and use more
confidently as the programme progresses.

Our classes use music, dance, role-play, puppets etc. so that the children are having
fun and learning at the same time.

The children will be given a snack in every session (either fruit or biscuits). Children
aged 3 to 11 are welcomed. 
​Each session lasts one hour.

PRICE:   £115.00 per term (£15.00 registration fee) 

Book a complimentary session for your child/ren

We are so confident with our lessons that we always offer a free session.  Please book the place for your child in one of our locations.  If you have any quesitions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  

Olé Spanish for Everyone

Tel:07932 781 290



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