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What our franchisees say about us

Franchise Opportunity

Ole Spanish is the fastest growing Spanish School in London, delivering lessons to children, teenagers and adults, preparing students for exams, such GCSE and A-Levels using our own well researched methodology, which has produced excellent results over the last 15 years.  The lessons are delivered in a relaxed, fun atmosphere where students are immersed in the language from the beginning.  They also have the opportunity to travel to Spain with one of our Trips. 

Ole Spanish offers a credible, flexible and proven business model that can be adapted to work around your own circumstances. Whether you want to work part-time around your family or full-time doing something you are passionate about, you can build a sustainable business for yourself that has the potential to offer fantastic rewards, delivering a fun and valuable service within your community.


A bit of history

In 2002, after a career in the City of London,  Maria Torres Giron left her job to become  a full-time mum caring for her baby son. Prior to coming to England, she had attended university in Spain where she gained a Degree in Education, specialising in Modern Foreign Languages.  This academic knowledge about children’s development in education, together with her personal experience of learning foreign languages, helped her put into practice some very effective approaches to language learning.  She was able to implement some of her original ideas about introducing two languages in the mind of her young son. 

At that time, she decided to offer other children the same opportunity that she was giving her own child and created a small company dedicated to teaching Spanish using a non-academic approach based on her own ideas and methods. That was that start of Ole Spanish for Everyone, the company that has expanded successfully and now offers Spanish language to children, teenagers and adults.  

Our results have always been outstanding where we could measure them, e.g. GCSE and A Levels where our outcomes have always been A and A*  (8 and 9s).  In addition to providing language lessons, we feel that it is important to offer Spanish experiences which we do through our cultural trips, Language Immersion Camps (both in Spain and the UK) as well as Hispanic cultural days, such as Flamenco and Salsa Events. 

Over the course of 15 years, the system, support and infrastructure that produces great learning outcomes for our students has been developed and is a solid base for a sustainable and profitable business. We are now able to offer other like-minded Spanish speaking people the opportunity to achieve the personal fulfilment, independence and financial success that comes from running their own business.


Is it for me?


If you can speak Spanish to an advanced level, have a passion to teach children, teenagers and adults, and you have an entrepreneurial spirit, this could be for you.   

We are now recruiting Spanish speakers of any nationality who would be willing to build a business that is flexible and works around your own circumstances. 

You will be part of a growing successful national brand that offers experience and knowledge and many rewarding moments.  You need to be confident, flexible, enthusiastic and hard working. 

You will feel supported every step of your way, by our team who will provide all the training, guidance, know-how and advice to help you grow your business from the first moment.  All the lessons are planned for you, all you need to put in is your confidence.



What do I get?


Ole Spanish is an established, fast growing brand which has a fantastic reputation. We have hundreds of satisfied and loyal customers who have been happy to recommend us over and over again to their friends and family.

Over the last 15 years we have been developing a good reputation so that you don’t have to. You will have Instant access to a positive brand that will set your business on the right track instantly.

When you become an Ole Spanish franchisee you’ll have the right to use our trademark, brand name and logo, as well as our business systems which are already proven to deliver fantastic results.


Most of our franchisees want to work close to home so we’ll give you an exclusive area that is big enough for you to grow.   We have developed a vast catalogue of lesson plans specifically designed for delivering the Ole Spanish programme.  You will have all the planning done for you, and the know-how to target schools, find halls, and bring the adults and teenagers to your sites.

You will be trained and provided with our experience, and know-how.  We will be with you every step of the way, offering you all the support you’ll need to start building your business fast.

We’ll ensure that all our franchisees have their DBS certificates, attend a comprehensive five day training course and receive the very best ongoing training, support and advice straight from the Director.   You will also have access to our franchise network to share experiences, as well as meetings twice a year to build the successful team. 

You will be supplied with a detailed operation manual that documents all you need to know about running an Ole Spanish franchise, but we provide all the training, support and practicalities you’ll need to get your business up and running.

You will need to promote your business in your area, therefore marketing materials to sell your services effectively will be provided as well as technical support to run the admin part of your business and we will be there to help you to make sure your success is a reality.  Practically, you will start your business with 15 years’ experience in a moment.


Can I afford it?

We have teamed up with British Business Bank who will be ready to finance 100% of the Franchise cost.

For over a year we have been closely working with consultants and lawyers to get a fair price and we believe that an Ole Spanish franchise is an affordable investment and offers an excellent return for your money. We calculate the initial investment based on a small percentage of your potential annual earnings and then ask for an ongoing fee to continue to access the support and programme materials so that you can build a sustainable business.  We will also be able to finance your Franchise.


If you want to find out more, please email us to receive our franchise prospectus.  We will never share your information with anyone else.

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