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Meet the Team: Franchisee Luisi

Luisi has been a valued franchisee for nearly two years now. An Olé Spanish for Everyone certified teacher franchisee for Greenwich and Bexley, Luisi has a lot of hands on experience. I interviewed her to see what her time at Olé Spanish for Everyone has been like.

Here is what they had to say:

Can you tell me a bit about yourself?

"I’m Spanish and I was born in Seville, the capital of Andalucia. Since I was little I was

interested in teaching, and played at being a teacher, that was my dream job for the


In Spain, I studied level 4 childcare (Técnico Superior de Educación Infantil), a

teaching qualification specialised in 0-6 year olds (Diplomatura en Educación

Infantil), a bachelor’s degree in pedagogy (Licenciatura de Pedagogía) at the

University of Seville, and the QTS certificate to teach in the UK.

I am therefore a fully qualified Childhood Education teacher with years of experience

and a passion for teaching children. I am hard working and passionate about my


I have also travelled extensively and met people of all backgrounds, which has given

me a broad understanding and respect for different cultures and their way of life.

I love dogs, reading and spending time with my family, partner and friends.

Resting in a place where there is peace and the sea, that is my favourite


I am proud to work in this country in my profession, it is a great opportunity for me,

and makes me very happy to be part of this great company Olé Spanish for Everyone."

Why did you join Olé Spanish for Everyone?

"It was a new job opportunity that came to me at the best time to make a change in

my life and work on something that I am passionate about, such as teaching


What is your favourite thing about working here?

"Olé Spanish offers a credible, flexible and proven business model that can be

adapted to work around your own circumstances."

What do you think sets Olé apart from other tutoring companies?

"It has such a fun, natural and unique methodology adapted to all levels and ages.

There is no Spanish teaching company that can be compared to Olé, definitely a

unique brand."

What are your favourite classes to teach?

"It would be difficult to choose only one option, but I have certainly learned thanks to

Olé that teaching adults is very rewarding, as the feedback and reciprocity of many

clients make me feel passionate and enthusiastic about my work."

Top 3 tips in learning Spanish?

"1. Learning Spanish is more effective attending classes than on your own.

2. Learning Spanish abroad, go for full immersion, and surround yourself with

Hispanic culture.

3. Never give up! Spanish can be complicated and tricky even for us

hispanohablantes (native Spanish speakers), so always keep in mind that

learning a language takes time and more importantly dedication, stay

motivated and continue the journey even if it takes a little longer than

expected sometimes."

What are your favourite things about Spain?

"From the moment you land in Spain, you feel a shift in culture and energy, it’s calm

and vibrant, with sounds of bustling streets bursting..the food, the weather, the

Mediterranean culture is something to miss when you live far away from your


Why do you think it is important to learn Spanish?

"Learning Spanish will open all types doors for you, allowing you to discover a world

of new opportunities such as:

World’s second most spoken language, it can help you land your dream job, train

your brain to perform better, make new friends in a different language and enjoy

amazing books, films and the culture behind it.

So, let’s get started, come learn Spanish with Olé Spanish for everyone."

So there you go, Luisi is a much trusted tutor and franchisee at Olé Spanish for Everyone. As Luisi tells us, there are many benefits to becoming a franchisee and/or a tutor here. Have a look at our Franchisee Opportunities or email to become a tutor here at Olé Spanish for Everyone.

Written by Amber Francesca Carvalho

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