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Preparation & revision for Spanish GCSE and A-Level

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Our teachers are familiar with all the boards and will be able to provide guidance to help the student achieve top grades.

Over the last 10 years our students have consistently reached top grades.  Last summer 100% of our students achieved 8-9 in their Spanish GCSE.

Top grades at GCSE

The lessons are geared to get the student using the language in a natural manner.  They come to relaxed lessons where they can use the language freely, get the revision they require and become confident using the language correctly and eventually sit exams with confidence.

Revision & Practice

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Top grades at A-Level

We fully support students on their A Level course.  As the new specification becomes more difficult, more and more students are looking for experienced Spanish-speaking teachers to help them achieve the best outcome in their examinations.We are very experienced with the syllabus and  familiar with all movies and books involved in the examinations, therefore, we can give clear direction to our students.

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