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My name is Mari Carmen Torres Giron and I am the creator and director of Olé Spanish for Everyone and Olé Franchising Ltd.

The company was created 20 years ago, after the birth of my first child, when I gave up my job in the City of London to rise a bilingual child.


I thoroughly enjoy teaching, but also analysing my work and seeking the best resources so our students maximize their learning.

Another of my passions is writing.  I am the author of "The Only Way is Olé.  The experiences of a Language teacher) for sale in Amazon.

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My Story

Twenty years ago, after the birth of my first son I decided to stop my full-time job in the City of London to give my child the opportunity to grow up in a bilingual environment.  

Prior to coming to England I went to University in Spain and achieved a Degree in Education, specialising in Modern Foreign Languages, and this academic knowledge about children's’ development helped me put in practice some very effective approaches to language learning.  I was able to implement some of my original ideas about introducing two languages in the mind of my young son. 

At that time, I decided to offer other children the same opportunity that I was giving my own child and created a small company dedicated to teaching Spanish using a non-academic approach based on my own ideas and methods. That was that start of Ole Spanish for  Everyone, the company that has expanded successfully and now offers Spanish language to children, teenagers and adults.  

Our results have always been outstanding where we could measure them, e.g. GCSE and A Levels outcomes have always been A and A*  (8 and 9s).  Together with the lessons, I also organise cultural trips, Language Immersion Camps both in Spain and the UK.  We also offer Hispanic cultural days, such as Flamenco and Salsa Events. 

Over the course of 20 years, I have steadily developed a system, support and infrastructure that produces great learning outcomes for our students.  I hope you join us and start speaking Spanish!


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