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5 essential words and phrases to learn before travelling to Spain this Summer

Playa (Beach):

One of the most iconic summer destinations is the beach. Practice saying sentences like "Me encanta ir a la playa en verano" (I love going to the beach in summer) or "Vamos a tomar el sol en la playa" (Let's sunbathe at the beach).

Sol (Sun):

The sun shines brightly during the summer months. Use phrases like "Hace mucho sol hoy" (It's very sunny today) or "Me gusta tomar el sol" (I enjoy sunbathing) to incorporate this word into your conversations.

Piscina (Swimming Pool):

If you don't have access to a beach, a swimming pool is a great alternative. Practice saying sentences such as "Vamos a nadar en la piscina" (Let's swim in the pool) or "Me gusta refrescarme en la piscina" (I like to cool off in the pool).

Vacaciones (Vacation):

Summer is a time for vacations and leisure. Use phrases like "Estoy planeando mis vacaciones de verano" (I am planning my summer vacation) or "¡Por fin llegaron las vacaciones!" (Finally, the vacations have arrived!) to talk about your plans or express excitement for the break.

Helado (Ice Cream):

There's nothing better than indulging in a refreshing ice cream on a hot summer day. Practice saying sentences like "Me gustaría un helado de chocolate, por favor" (I would like a chocolate ice cream, please) or "El helado es mi postre favorito en verano" (Ice cream is my favorite dessert in summer).

Sombrero (Hat):

Protecting yourself from the sun's rays is important, and a hat can be a stylish accessory. Try using phrases like "Voy a usar un sombrero para protegerme del sol" (I am going to wear a hat to protect myself from the sun) or "Este sombrero es perfecto para el verano" (This hat is perfect for summer).

Sandalias (Sandals):

Embrace the summer vibes with comfortable sandals. Practice saying sentences such as "Prefiero usar sandalias en lugar de zapatos cerrados en verano" (I prefer wearing sandals instead of closed shoes in summer) or "Estas sandalias son muy cómodas" (These sandals are very comfortable).

Refrescante (Refreshing):

Use the word "refrescante" to describe things that are cool and refreshing during the summer. Try sentences like "Esta bebida es muy refrescante" (This drink is very refreshing) or "La brisa del mar es muy refrescante" (The sea breeze is very refreshing).

Remember to practice these vocabulary words and sentences regularly to enhance your Spanish language skills. Whether you're enjoying a day at the beach or simply want to express your love for summer, incorporating these phrases into your conversations will help you feel more confident and immersed in the language.

¡Disfruta del verano y sigue aprendiendo español! (Enjoy the summer and keep learning Spanish!)

Written by Amber Francesca Carvalho

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