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Meet the team: Franchisee Zarala

I sat down with Zarala to ask a few questions about their time working at Olé Spanish for Everyone. Zarala has been with us for nearly two years and is a celebrated certified tutor and franchisee for the areas of Bexley and Greenwich. She enjoys teaching and the flexibility that Olé Spanish for Everyone gives her. Read on to see what Zarala has to say:

Can you tell me about yourself? Education/hobbies etc

"I'm a teacher and I always wanted to teach Spanish. After left my country 7 years ago I started working as a teacher and then as a Manager in London but that wasn't enough for me, I wanted more and Ole gave me the opportunity to start my own business and follow the best and only methodology that works if you want to teach/learn Spanish as a foreign language.

My hobby is all about my family, friends and pets. Being with them, discover new places, travel a lot, make lovely memories with all of them... I use to do everything, I don't usually say no to anything: make new friends, try new food, try a new sport... - I love life in all aspects -. I'm strong, a positive and happy person, supportive... I always have a new goal in mind that keep me motivated... Also being a good teacher is one of my priorities."

Why did you join Olé?

"I wanted to be my own boss and run my own business. Have more time for me, have an impact in the community teaching Spanish and all about my culture, run events, workshops... Ole is the best Spanish school in London and this + my efforts would be a guaranteed success."

What is your favourite thing about working here?

"You feel as a part of a family, I can grow and expand my business, I'm always free to share my suggestions. I meet new people every month in my lessons, I love to see my students speaking Spanish since the first class, see my children smiling at the school waiting for the after school club. Olé gives you the opportunity to take the control of your life, time and family, offering the best family-life balance. Also you feel good having the support you need at any time."

What do you think sets Olé apart from other tutoring companies?

"Native speakers, qualified teachers, lessons are for everyone from babies till adults or older persons. Ole is always supportive with our students and members of the team. Ole has a strong work ethic. Ole has lessons around London , Monday to Sunday, online, live groups... Customer service and support is incredible. Ole is always improving and reinventing their self. Ole has a unique methodology."

What are your favourite classes to teach?

"All of them are fantastic but I love my lessons at Shrewsbury House Community Center, one with children and the other one with adults, I have too much fun!! I love teaching, I really love my job! Also I like support my GCSE students as this is a very important moment in their lives and I understand that sometimes they are quite anxious and overwhelmed so I become in to a teacher and a "friend" at the same time, being professional and empathetic with them."

Top 3 tips in learning Spanish?

"1. Choose a unique methodology like the one that Olé has and be patient with yourself, this is not a race you are already doing a great effort learning Spanish as a foreign language.

2. Reintroduce yourself to your favourite books and movies but in this case in Spanish.

3. Say to yourself several times a day: “I'm good at learning Spanish,” “I can speak Spanish.” and do not memorise a long list of verb and vocabulary, just enjoy the lesson and listen to the teacher, listening repeatedly the same information, you will be able to learn vocabulary and grammar patterns unconsciously."

What are your favourite things about Spain?

"Spain is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, is an incredibly relaxing place but also can have too much fun. Spanish food and wine, our lovely people and beaches. Spain has more than one languages that people speak in some regions for example Basque in the Basque Country. Spain is rich in UNESCO World Heritage Sites and we have some of the most important painters, writers..."

Why do you think it is important to learn Spanish?

"World's second most spoken language. It can help you land your dream job and also could advance your career. You can travel and feel confident speaking the language. Learn Spanish train your brain to perform better, you can make lots of new friends, cultural opportunities, learn more about our literature which is incredible...!"

Zarala is a wonderful teacher, she has a great time teaching and being in charge of her schedule. If you are inspired by any of our franchisee's stories, check out our Franchisee Opportunities on our webpage or email to discuss becoming a tutor for Olé Spanish for Everyone!

Written by Amber Francesca Carvalho

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