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4 Benefits of learning a new language!

Updated: May 10, 2023

Learning a language can seem daunting at any age. But it doesn’t have to be. Below we list some of the best reasons to learn a new language.



Learning can always be fun, you just have to have the right

motivation. Now, what is better motivation than the ability to travel easier!

Being a tourist has its perks, but speaking to people in their native tongue has so many more benefits.

Spanish locals are welcoming to everyone, whether you speak Spanish or not, but being able to manage on your own around Spanish speaking countries is a huge perk to learning.

So many countries speak Spanish, or a Spanish variant. 21 countries state it is their official language. Travelling to these countries, all over the world, knowing you will fit right in is a huge weight off of a lot of people's chests.

So travel with ease; learn Spanish.


Business, business, business

It's not all fun and games. Being bilingual has huge benefits when it comes to business.

Did you know that having two languages under your belt can raise your salary from between 11% and 35%?

Just by knowing two languages, your whole career can be altered for the better.

Remember that you do not need to have been brought up speaking these languages. You can learn Spanish anytime.


Improves memory

Studies show that learning a language, quite literally, changes your brain! Learning and frequently speaking a second language changes your brain chemistry.

This is because an adult's “second language experience actually boosts their brain’s reserves.” Not only are you learning something, but you are improving how well your brain remembers things.



After the pandemic, we have all felt a little lost. Not socialising for a while has led a lot of us to retreat back into our shells.

Learning a new language is a useful skill to learn to get yourself back out there.

Learning a skill with a group of people, where speaking is the focus, is great. Everyone is on the same page, all learning at the same time and with a joint goal in mind - to learn!

Having even just an hour a week of planned socialisation is amazing for those who are just getting used to coming back out of their shell.

Activities like this are very helpful for shy kids or adults alike.

Written by Amber Francesca Carvalho


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