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Years 7-11 preparation and revision for the New GCSE 

As the children move up to secondary school, they encounter a more formal way of learning a foreign language.  Often the students have to learn new grammatical terminology, which can be quite daunting, and suddenly a subject that should be fun and dynamic, becomes boring and difficult.


Our programme is designed to review, reinforce and expand the knowledge the student is acquiring at school and help him/her get a 9 at the exam.  With experienced bilingual teachers who have been trained and approved by us, our students will be able to improve all their language skills (listening, speaking, writing and reading).  The program looks at each individual student.

Our teachers are familiar with the new GCSE,  and have experience in Selective, Comprehensive and Independent schools. However, they will attain to the Olé method to make the lessons interesting and productive.

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