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Sunday Spotlight: Spanish for Everyone

Last week I had a great time sitting in on one of our weekend classes. Noemi Villanueva is a certified teacher for Olé Spanish for Everyone, running a class for adults with learning disabilities on Sundays. Attending this class was so much fun and really show cased how accessible the Olé Spanish for Everyone methodology is.

I interviewed Noemi after the lesson, here is what she had to say:

What makes Olé Spanish for Everyone the perfect school to teach special needs adults?

"First of all, it is a very interactive class. The learning through signing, drama and games makes it really interesting for them as this keeps them engaged and this ensures concentration throughout."

Why isn't there more opportunities for adults with learning disabilities to learn languages?

"Modern or second languages are not seen as a necessity for people with learning disabilities however we think the Olé Spanish teaching style opens this market up because it also reinforces other learning streams such as social skills, memory and communication."

Why do you think these classes are a necessity for adults that have these learning disabilities ?

"To ensure equality and diversity, asa disability should not exclude you from learning other languages and cultures."

What do you count as success when teaching this class?

"The success is to see them happy and willing to return every week, laughing and having a good time whilst leaving the lesson knowing a new work each time."

This was a great example of inclusion of nationalities, language and abilities. Everyone learning together; learning to have fun, learning to have confidence and learning to be open to learn.

Written by Amber Francescsa Carvalho

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