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Doing Halloween the Olé Way!

Halloween is a really fun time of the year for all ages. But did you know that different parts of the world celebrate Halloween differently?

Read on to find out how the Spanish celebrate the spookiest night

a gosht child with spooky bats around.  Feliz dia de los muertos
Dia de los muertos

of the year and how you can have a

Spanish Halloween!

Halloween in Spain:

In Spain, Halloween is known as both ‘Día de los Muertos’, meaning Day of the Dead and ‘Noche de Brujas’, translating as Night of the Witches.

Traditional Celebrations:

Did you know that in some parts of Spain Halloween is celebrated for three days? On the 1st of November it is seen as a time to show respect and honor those who have passed away. Many take this time to visit loved ones’ graves and show their respect. This celebration of the dead starts on All Saints Day or, ‘Día de Todos los Santos’.

In Spain people also love to dress up and tell ghost stories, but instead of candy people love to eat traditional Spanish Halloween foods made to share, such as Panellets (almond cookies), Huesos de Santo (marzipan treats), and Buñuelos (fried pastries). In The Basque Country they have a tradition of making Marmitako, a stew made with potatoes, tuna, and vegetables. I

Halloween in Spanish:

For those spooky smarty pants, hoping to scare the socks off of your friends this Halloween. Make a scary story using these keywords. Use this template to help you out

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words to create an exciting Halloween story. Look under the Spanish Story for the translations and use the keywords below to fill in the gaps to make any scary story you want in Spanish!

En una noche de Halloween, [nombre del niño o niña] se disfrazó de [personaje de Halloween]. [Él/Ella] quería explorar [lugar de Halloween], un sitio [adjetivo misterioso] y [adjetivo oscuro]. [Nombre del niño o niña] llevaba un disfraz de [disfraz de Halloween].

Mientras [nombre del niño o niña] caminaba, sintió algo [adjetivo inquietante] a su alrededor. Un ruido misterioso resonaba en la distancia. [Nombre del niño o niña] decidió [verbo valiente] y continuó explorando [lugar de Halloween] para descubrir qué estaba pasando.

De repente, [nombre del niño o niña] vio una [figura misteriosa] en la oscuridad. Era [adjetivo aterrador] y [adjetivo sobrenatural]. [Nombre del niño o niña] y la [figura misteriosa] [verbo] juntos.

Después de un tiempo un rato, [nombre del niño o niña] y la [figura misteriosa] llegaron a [lugar de Halloween]. Allí, encontraron [dulces de Halloween] y [otro tipo de dulces], pero cada dulce parecía tener un [toque mágico]. La noche de Halloween fue [adjetivo escalofriante], y [nombre del niño o niña] se dio cuenta de que algunas historias de Halloween pueden ser [más magia] de lo que imaginaba.

On a Halloween night, [child's name] dressed up as [Halloween character]. [He/She] wanted to explore [Halloween location], a [mysterious adjective] and [dark adjective] place. [Child's name] wore a [Halloween costume] and looked [spooky adjective].

While [child's name] walked, [he/she] felt something [unsettling adjective] around [him/her]. A [mysterious sound] echoed in the distance. [Child's name] decided to be [brave verb] and continued exploring [Halloween location] to find out what was happening.

Suddenly, [child's name] saw a [mysterious figure] in the darkness. It was [terrifying adjective] and [supernatural adjective]. [Child's name] and the [mysterious figure] [verb] together.

After a while, [child's name] and the [mysterious figure] arrived at [Halloween location]. There, they found [Halloween candies] and [another type of Halloween candy], but each candy seemed to have a [magic]. Halloween night was [spine-tingling adjective], and [child's name] realized that some Halloween stories can be [more thrilling] than imagined.


  • Ruido misterioso - Mysterious noise

  • Susurro intrigante - Intriguing whisper

  • Eco misterioso - Mysterious echo

  • Murmurio misterioso - Mysterious murmur

  • Siseo - hiss

  • Inquietante - Unsettling

  • Espeluznante - Creepy

  • Terrorífico - Terrifying

  • Aterrador - Frightening

  • Horripilante - Hair-raising

  • Perturbador - Disturbing

  • Siniestro - Sinister

  • Miedo - Fearful

  • Escalofriante - Chilling

  • Angustioso - Alarming

  • Fuerte - strong

  • Valiente - brave


  • Caminaron - Walked (they)

  • Corrieron - Ran (they)


  • Halloween - Halloween (same in Spanish)

  • Calabaza - Pumpkin

  • Bruja - Witch

  • Disfraz - Costume

  • Fantasma - Ghost

  • Esqueleto - Skeleton

  • Vampiro - Vampire

  • Zombi - Zombie

  • Murciélago - Bat

  • Araña - Spider

  • Momia - Mummy

  • Gato negro - Black cat

  • Caldero - Cauldron

  • Hechizo - Spell

  • Telaraña - Cobweb

  • Truco o trato - Trick or treat

  • Dulces - Candy

  • Disfraz - Costume

  • Esqueleto de calavera - Skull skeleton

  • Susto - Scare

  • Tumba - Tomb

  • Miedo - Fear

  • Luna llena - Full moon

  • Noche de brujas - Night of the witches

  • Calaveras - Skulls

  • Places:

  • Hospital abandonado - Abandoned hospital

  • Mansión tenebrosa - Creepy mansion

  • Bosque siniestro - Sinister forest

  • Túnel espeluznante - Spooky tunnel

  • Hotel fantasmagórico - Ghostly hotel

  • Fábrica abandonada - Abandoned factory

  • Barco naufragado - Shipwrecked ship

  • Castillo encantado - Enchanted castle

  • Manicomio abandonado - Abandoned insane asylum

  • Pozo profundo y oscuro - Deep and dark well

  • Estación de tren abandonada - Abandoned train station

  • Cueva misteriosa - Mysterious cave

  • Pueblo fantasma - Ghost town

  • Cementerio - Cemetery

Have fun spooking your friends and practicing your Spanish this halloween!

Written by Amber Francesca Carvalho

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