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Spanish for Adults

Unlock the door to Spanish mastery with the premier language school that's dedicated to turning your language aspirations into fluent conversations. At Ole Spanish for Adults, we're not just teaching; we're transforming your language journey.


We have a group for you.  With our method of immersion in the language, based on communication, rather than on boring school-like lessons, you will be speaking Spanish and understanding the language very quickly in a calm, relaxed atmosphere.  


Not just any lesson.  You will get to know other people and be able to travel with us to Spain, where you will use the language, enjoy the culture and make friends.

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Speak, Eat, Drink.  Our relaxed style will get you speaking very quickly after your first lesson.  You just need to try it and join us.  You will also have the opportunity to travel with us to Spain and try the language there!

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